Service from start to finish

We professionally restore and repair all natural and artificial stones such as marble or quartz used in kitchen worktops, countertops, floor, fireplace, bathroom, and shower room. At the same time, we offer professional brick and patio cleaning with high-pressure and steam jet washers.

While natural stone or wood gives your building an elegant appearance, it needs more care and attention than other materials. While there are some things you can do yourself to keep your marble, quartz, concrete, granite, limestone, travertine and the like in tip-top condition, in truth, the deep cleaning and other maintenance and restoration jobs are the best left to the professionals.
We provide services across the UK and mainly in London and its outskirts. With over a decade of experience, we are trusted by thousands of our clients, from residential, commercials, retailers, hotels, shopping centres, estate agents, embassies and interior designers to top global brands.

What we do

  • Install new kitchen worktops (Marble, Quartz and Granite)
  • Quartz repair, restoration, and polishing
  • Marble polishing, restoration and repair
  • Concrete repair and resurfacing
  • Stone floor restoration and polishing
  • Stone restoration, repair and cleaning
  • Kitchen countertop, worktop repair and restoration
  • Marble table restoration and repair
  • Shower room marble and stone restoration
  • Fireplace stone repair and restoration
  • Wood repair, restoration and sanding
  • Anti slip testing and measurement
  • Diamond grinding to remove any lippage
  • Crack and chip repair
  • Floor maintenance
  • Commercial stone maintenance
  • Grout replacing with new grout or epoxy resin
  • Filling holes in travertine tiles and grout cleaning and restoration
  • Jet washing